USS Missouri Surrender Collection

World War 2 Surrender Collection Recognized!

Today, September 2, 2013, 68 years after the surrender ceremony with Japan,  our World War 2 Collection was featured on the front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal!  What an exciting day! Our family is extremely honored and proud of the items on display at the USS Missouri!


Christopher Nichols, left, grandson of Cox. Frank Orban, and Pam Nichols, daughter of Orban, look over some of the memorabilia left to them from the historic signing of the treaty that ended WWII from the USS Missouri in their home in Henderson. (Jason Bean/Las Vegas Review-Journal) read more


USS Missouri Surrender Photos

The following USS Missouri Surrender Photos are original black and white photos taken on board the USS Missouri during the Surrender of the Japanese on September 2, 1945. These photos belong to my family.  When we took the photos to be displayed on the USS Missouri (2013); curator Mike Weidenbach stated, "I've never seen these pictures taken from these angles before."

This is an original black and white photo of Mamoru Shigemitsu (black suite and tall hat) and Yoshijiro Umezu (Japanese Officer's Uniform). This is a picture of the original photo from September 2, 1945. We are the owners of this original photo. read more


Admiral Halsey’s 4 Star Admiral Flag

Admiral Haley’s 4 Star Admiral Flag

(Referenced on Wikipedia, Admiral Halsey)

The following pictures show Admiral Halsey’s 4 Star Flag in detail which was his personal flag during the Peace Treaty Signing for World War II on September 2, 1945.  The flag was present during the Peace Treaty Signing to end World War II.  Coxswain Frank Orban, my grandfather was on Admiral Halsey’s Personal Staff and followed Admiral Halsey from the USS Louisville and USS New Jersey which went to port on May, 1945 to the USS Missouri and finally the USS South Dakota.   read more


Staff and Flag Allowance Damage Control and Fire Bill

This document is a memorandum from the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender 23 May 1945 and states:


United States Pacific Fleet

Third Fleet

23 May 1945


Subject:                          Staff and Flag Allowance Damage Control and Fire Bill

1.             In the event of damage or fire occuring in the vicinity of Staff personnel, report will immediately be made to Damage Control Central, Telephone 880 or 889.  Thereafter, STAFF OFFICERS will initiate appropriate emergency measures or assist ship personnel until arrival of Ship Repair or Fire Fighting Personnel who will then take charge. Staff Officers shall assist insofar as such assistance does not interfere with principle staff duties. read more


Order of Dignitaries

Order of Dignitaries During Peace Treaty Signing

(Referenced on Wikipedia, Surender Ceremony)

This document part of my World War 2 Surrender documents which contains the Order of Dignitaries during the Peace Treaty signing on board the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender on September 2, 1945. 

The following dignitaries attended the Japanese Surrender Ceremonies on board the USS Missouri:

1.) United States

                          Col. Q.S. Lander (SCAP Liason) read more


Original Copy of Surrender Ceremony Documents on USS Missouri

Original Surrender Ceremony Documents Copy for Japan Surrender Ceremony on USS Missouri

The following documents show the planning that went into the Japanese Surrender Ceremony on board the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945. 

Group "A" –ARMY

Seating Arrangement for Japan Surrender on USS Missouri

Group "B" –Navy

ARMY Seating Arrangement for Japan Surrender on USS Missouri



The famous pictures of General MacArthur up at the podium speaking prior to the signing of the Peace

Treaty ending World War II with the Japanese were planned from the following documents: read more


USS Missouri News Flash Japan Surrenders

Extra Japan Surrenders:

This document is extremely rare.  The only other original copy known to exist is on the USS Missouri in the museum. This document is dated August 15, 1945. 

The USS Missouri News Flash


15 August 1945.

                                               On August 14th, 1945 President Truman announced to the people of the world that Japan had surrendered unconditionally. read more

Provenance of Items

The following service records show my grandfather, Frank P Orban’s entry into World War 2 and promotions throughout the War.  He served on the USS New Jersey, USS Lousiville, USS Missouri, and USS South Dakota as one of Admiral Haley’s enlisted staff.  He was Admiral Halsey’s Coxswain (personal Admiral Gig’s Driver) as well as one of the flagmen onboard the ship. Here are 75+ US Navy Service Records showing his service and battles during World War 2 that he participated in on board the USS New Jersey, USS Lousiville, USS Missouri, and USS South Dakota. read more

USS Missouri September 1945 Log Book

Enclosed is the official Log Book of the USS Missouri from 1945.  These files were compiled and made into a pdf document. The files came from the National Archives Catalog.  The reason why this pdf file was created was to provide further provenance of the items  displayed on this site.

Namely, on page 27-31, you will see how my grandfather, Coxswain Frank Orban; assigned to Admiral Halsey’s personal staff followed Admiral Halsey to the USS South Dakota on September 5, 1945 after serving on the USS Missouri for the Surrender Ceremony.  Furthermore, my grandfather, Coxswain Frank Orban was on the USS Louisville and was transferred to the USS Missouri in May, 1945 for the Surrender Ceremony scheduled on September 2, 1945 following Admiral Halsey. You can reference sub-header  8-12 on the following documents.  read more

World War 2 Items Go Back to USS Missouri

Nearly 68 years ago, World War 2 officially ended when the Japanese signed the peace treaty (September 2, 1945). My family and I travelled this past week 08/06/2013 to the USS Missouri bringing a large collection of World War 2 Items to be put on display at the museum for the aniversary of the Peace Treaty Signing!

Our day started off taking a flight from Kona to Honolulu.  We flew the historic items from Las Vegas to Honolulu, Honolulu to Kona, and then Kona to Honolulu.  Getting through TSA with such a large and historic collection of artifacts, pictures, and documents was fun.  At times, going through security, we drew a large croud of TSA officials wanting to see the historic collection we were bringing to the USS Missouri. read more

Flag Allowance Orders


Subject: Flag Allowance General Quarters and Dispersion Bill.

1. When general quarters or torpedo defense quarters are sounded for other thean drill, or test purposes or morning and evening alert, men of the THIRD Fleet Flag allowance will proceed to the stations assigned them as follows:

(a) Flag Plot

Carr, Y 2/c.Merlar, CY.

Dial, Rdm 2/c.

Scarpa, Rdm 2/c.

Weber, MoMM 1/c.

Stoneham, QM 2/c.

RN ib watch remain at stations.

(b) Flag Bridge

Suiter, CY.

(c) Signal Bridge

SM on watch remain at stations. read more

US 48 Star Flag

The following US 48 Star flag was present and displayed on board the US Missouri during the Japanese Surrender at Tokyo Bay, Japan on September 2, 1945.  This US Flag was associated with Admiral Halsey and was displayed in Admiral Halsey’s office. My grandfather was on Admiral Halsey’s staff and was the Coxswain dealing with flags. We also own Admiral Halsey’s 4 Star Admiral Flag.