Admiral Halsey's Flag

Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag

Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag:

Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag


The following flag belonged to Admiral Halsey, Fleet Commander of the Third Fleet.  This flag was on board the Admiral's Gig on September 2, 1945 during the signing of the Japanese Peace Treaty ending World War II. My grandfather, Frank Orban, was on Admiral Halsey's staff and flagmen on board the USS Missouri during the ceremony signing off the coast of Japan. The flag was Admiral Halsey's personal flag that followed him around on his Admiral Barge!


The following clip shows Admiral Halsey's Admiral Gig coming to the USS Missouri for the Surrender Ceremony.  Admiral Halsey gets off the Admiral's Gig and comes on board the USS Missouri.  The Admiral's Gig is then moved away from the USS Missouri.  At 4:38 of the video, you can see the Admiral's Flag being taken down from the front of the Admiral's Gig. Look closely; enlarge if necessary!  The flag above is this flag. Thank you to Mark Hinton (Military Uniforms) for this great find!

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Flagmen of the USS Missouri Japanese Peace Treaty Signing


This picture is an autographed picture of the flagmen who were on board the USS Missouri during the Japanese Peace Treaty Signing.  My grandfather, Frank Orban, is bottom row second from right in white shirt. 

Frank Orban Transfer from USS Lousiville

USS Missouri Flagmen Transfer from USS Louisville

The following two documents prove that my grandfather Frank Orban was one of the flagmen on the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender and Peace Treaty signing on board the USS Missouri.  The last document titled "Report of Passengers" actually shows all the flagmen who were transferred onto the USS Missouri along side my grandfather Frank Orban from the USS Louisville.