Flag Allowance Orders

Flag Allowance Orders


Subject: Flag Allowance General Quarters and Dispersion Bill.

1. When general quarters or torpedo defense quarters are sounded for other thean drill, or test purposes or morning and evening alert, men of the THIRD Fleet Flag allowance will proceed to the stations assigned them as follows:

(a) Flag Plot

Carr, Y 2/c.Merlar, CY.

Dial, Rdm 2/c.

Scarpa, Rdm 2/c.

Weber, MoMM 1/c.

Stoneham, QM 2/c.

RN ib watch remain at stations.

(b) Flag Bridge

Suiter, CY.

(c) Signal Bridge

SM on watch remain at stations.

(d) Main Radio

RM on watch remain at stations.

(e) Flag Office

Singley, CY      Garner, BM 2/c

Blasius, Y 1/c.  Orban, Cox (THIS WAS MY GRANDFATHER!)

Bucon, Y 2/c.   Beal, AerM 3/c

Madson, CY.     McDonnell, AerM 3/c

Jacobs, Y 3/c   Brunner, S 2/c. (RM)

Johnson, Y 2/c.  Massar, S l/c. (RM)

Runyon, Y 3/c.   Gill, Y l/c.

(f) Room 0202

Militello, Y 2/c.

Britzenhoff, CY

Broussard, Y 3/c.

(g) Room 0203

Erickson, Y l/c.


(h) Intelligence Office (Admiral's Cabin)

Howes, Y 2/c.

Houston, Sp (X) l/c.

(i) Admiral's Country

Stewards and Cook assigned to wardroom.

(k) Captain's Cabin (or as Commodore Boone may direct.)

Wagoner, PhM l/c.

(l) Room 0113

Lavelle, Y 3/c

Polidori, Y 3/c.

(m) Marines as assigned by Sgt. Mitchell.

(n) SM off watch to assigned area for Ship's SM off watch.

(o) One Section of RM off watch to Cpt. A-307-L. One section of RM off watch remain in their living spaces.

(p) Room 0121

Erikson and McGill, PhoM, topside for action pictures.

(q) Radio Intelligence

RM assigned to RI Unit

(r) Remain in assinged living spaces

Small, Y 2/c.  Bock, Cox.

Wolfe, Y 3/c.  Crowe, S l/c.

Boothroy, AermM 3/c.  Dick, Cox.

Eden, Aerm 3/c  Lewis, BM 2/c

Zenner, Aerm 2/c. Roche, EM 1/c.

Pridmore, GM 3/c.  Wilhite, S 2/c.

(s) Aerological Offices

Zaffino, CAerM.

Flag Allowance (cont.)

2.  The men listed above who do not have duties assigned during general quarters or torpedo defense are subject to call.



Chief of Staff.


Copy to:


Chief of Staff.

All Section Heads.


Executive Officer.

All Flag enlisted men.



Ass't Flag Secretary