Original Copy of Surrender Ceremony Documents on USS Missouri

Original Surrender Ceremony Documents Copy for Japan Surrender Ceremony on USS Missouri

The following documents show the planning that went into the Japanese Surrender Ceremony on board the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945. 


Surrender Ceremony Held on USS Missouri


Group "A" –ARMY

Seating Arrangement for Japan Surrender on USS Missouri

US Army Seating Arrangement Japan Surrender

Group "B" –Navy

ARMY Seating Arrangement for Japan Surrender on USS Missouri

Navy Seating on USS Missouri Japan Surrender



The famous pictures of General MacArthur up at the podium speaking prior to the signing of the Peace

Treaty ending World War II with the Japanese were planned from the following documents:


USS Missouri Surrender Ceremony Seating Arragements


Annex to Procedure for Assembling on Veranda Deck for Actual Ceremony

"General Mac Arthur and Fleet Admiral Nimitz will be conducted to Admiral's Cabin, starboard side, to join Admiral Halsey.

Guests of all other ranks will be conducted to Captain's Cabin, port side of Veranda Deck and Ward Room,

to remain there until time to asseble for ceremony".

Procedure for Assembling on the USS Missouri Veranda Deck Japan Surrender

The following document shows the USS Missouri Surrender Ceremony. 

Clearly, a lot of planning was involved in the Surrender Ceremony.

USS Missouri Japanese Surrender Annex Able