Admiral Halsey’s 4 Star Admiral Flag

Admiral Haley’s 4 Star Admiral Flag

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The following pictures show Admiral Halsey’s 4 Star Flag in detail which was his personal flag during the Peace Treaty Signing for World War II on September 2, 1945.  The flag was present during the Peace Treaty Signing to end World War II.  Coxswain Frank Orban, my grandfather was on Admiral Halsey’s Personal Staff and followed Admiral Halsey from the USS Louisville and USS New Jersey which went to port on May, 1945 to the USS Missouri and finally the USS South Dakota.   read more

Japanese Flag on USS Missouri During Peace Treaty

This flag above was given to my grandfather, Frank Orban, by the Japanese Delegation who came aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945 to sign the pace treaty. My grandfather was the driver of Admiral Halsey’s Admiral Gig as well as assigned to the flag detail of the USS Missouri. He helped escort the Japanese delegates onto the USS Missouri.

Raising Admiral Halsey’s Flag-USS Missouri

Raising Admiral Halsey's Flag

This picture came out of my grandfather's WWII photo album from when he was one of the flagmen on the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender September 2, 1945.  The photo is black and white.  The flag being raised is Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Admiral Flag.  I also own Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag from his personal boat attached to the Third Fleet.

Admiral Carney Autographed Picture


The above picture was given to my grandfather who served on board the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender Ceremony on September 2, 1945.

Robert Bostwick Carney  was Admiral in the United States Navy.  Admiral Carney served as commander-in-chief of the Nato forces in Southern Europe from 1951-1953. This picture is was taken when Admiral Carney was Rear Admiral to Admiral Halsey on or about 1943.

Staff and Flag Allowance Damage Control and Fire Bill

This document is a memorandum from the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender 23 May 1945 and states:


United States Pacific Fleet

Third Fleet

23 May 1945


Subject:                          Staff and Flag Allowance Damage Control and Fire Bill

1.             In the event of damage or fire occuring in the vicinity of Staff personnel, report will immediately be made to Damage Control Central, Telephone 880 or 889.  Thereafter, STAFF OFFICERS will initiate appropriate emergency measures or assist ship personnel until arrival of Ship Repair or Fire Fighting Personnel who will then take charge. Staff Officers shall assist insofar as such assistance does not interfere with principle staff duties. read more

Procedure of Assembling on Veranda Deck for Actual Ceremony

Procedure of Assembling on Veranda Deck for Actual Ceremony

The following document details how the Japanese Surrender Ceremony was scheduled. 

8:30                         Officers in groups A, B, and C other than signatories will take places as set forth in annex able as indicated and thereafter in order of seniority as practicable.

8:45                         (Same as above) read more