Order of Dignitaries

Order of Dignitaries on USS Missouri Japanese Surrender

Order of Dignitaries During Peace Treaty Signing

Order of Dignitaries on USS Missouri Japanese Surrender

This document part of my World War 2 Surrender documents which contains the Order of Dignitaries during the Peace Treaty signing on board the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender on September 2, 1945. 

The following dignitaries attended the Japanese Surrender Ceremonies on board the USS Missouri:

1.) United States

                          Col. Q.S. Lander (SCAP Liason)

2.) Republic of China

                         Gen. Hsu Yung-Chang

                         Vice Adm. Yang Hsuan Chang

                         Lt. Gen. Chu Shih Ming

                         Maj. gen. Wang Chih

                         Col. Li Sho Chang

                         Col. Wang Pei Cheng

3.) United Kingdom

          (a)          Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, GCB, KBE

                        Capt. A.D. Nicholl, CBE, DSO

                        Comdr. R.H. Courage, OBE, DSC

                        Comdr. (S) A.P. Carwright, SANF(V) Senior South African Officer present.

                        Surgeon Lieutenant G.R. Gayman, RCNVR, Senior Canadian Officer present.

                        Lieutenant V.C. Merry, RNVR

          (b)         Representing British Pacific Fleet

                        Vice Adm. Sir H.B. Rawlings, KCB, OBE

                        Commodore J.P.L. Reid, Chief Staff Officer

                        Lieutenant G.E. Cook, RNVR

                        Lieutenant E.B. Ashmore, DSC

4.) United Soviet Socialist Republic

                        Lt. Gen. Kuzma Nokolaevish Derevyanko

                        Maj. Gen. Nikolai Vasilovich Voronov

                        Rear Adm. Andrey Mitrofanovich Stetzenko

                        Maj. Ivan Joseph Borovsky

                        Capt. Nikolai Michailovich Karamishev

                        Lt. Nikolai Nikolaevich Tulinov

5.) Common Wealth of Australia

                        Gen. Sir Thomas Blamey

                        Lt. Gen. F.H. Berryman

                        Rear Adm. George D. Moore

                        Air Vice Marshal Jones

                        Air Vice Marshal Bostick

                        Commodore J.A. Collins

                               Capt. J. Balfour

6.) Dominion of Canada



Original Copy of Surrender Ceremony Documents on USS Missouri

Surrender Ceremony Held on USS Missouri

Original Surrender Ceremony Documents Copy for Japan Surrender Ceremony on USS Missouri

The following documents show the planning that went into the Japanese Surrender Ceremony on board the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945. 


Surrender Ceremony Held on USS Missouri


Group "A" –ARMY

Seating Arrangement for Japan Surrender on USS Missouri

US Army Seating Arrangement Japan Surrender

Group "B" –Navy

ARMY Seating Arrangement for Japan Surrender on USS Missouri

Navy Seating on USS Missouri Japan Surrender



The famous pictures of General MacArthur up at the podium speaking prior to the signing of the Peace

Treaty ending World War II with the Japanese were planned from the following documents:


USS Missouri Surrender Ceremony Seating Arragements


Annex to Procedure for Assembling on Veranda Deck for Actual Ceremony

"General Mac Arthur and Fleet Admiral Nimitz will be conducted to Admiral's Cabin, starboard side, to join Admiral Halsey.

Guests of all other ranks will be conducted to Captain's Cabin, port side of Veranda Deck and Ward Room,

to remain there until time to asseble for ceremony".

Procedure for Assembling on the USS Missouri Veranda Deck Japan Surrender

The following document shows the USS Missouri Surrender Ceremony. 

Clearly, a lot of planning was involved in the Surrender Ceremony.

USS Missouri Japanese Surrender Annex Able

Welcome to World War 2 Surrender

Japanese Surrenders

All documents, pictures, and World War II Japan Surrender Memorabilia including Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag are owned by my family.

The collection is currently on display on board the USS Missouri Memorial Museum!

The purpose of this site is to display my grandfather's World War II Japanese Surrender Memorabilia. The Japanese Surrender Ceremony aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945 was one of the most pinnacle moments in World History. My grandfather, Frank Orban, was the flag man aboard the USS Missouri and on Admiral Halsey's staff.  Frank Orban is listed under the World War II memorial database.

Some of the memorabilia I have showcased includes Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Admiral Flag, which lead Admiral Halsey to the Surrender Ceremony when the Japanese signed the surrender documents, original copies of the Japanese Surrender Ceremony on Board the USS Missouri, original photos taken on board the USS Missouri, and other significant items linked to the Japanese Surrender Ceremony.

My family owns over a hundred original pictures and original documents pertaining to the Surrender of Japan.  I will be posting the documents and pictures over time.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the World War II Surrender items I have.

Admiral Halsey's Flag

Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag

Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag:

Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag


The following flag belonged to Admiral Halsey, Fleet Commander of the Third Fleet.  This flag was on board the Admiral's Gig on September 2, 1945 during the signing of the Japanese Peace Treaty ending World War II. My grandfather, Frank Orban, was on Admiral Halsey's staff and flagmen on board the USS Missouri during the ceremony signing off the coast of Japan. The flag was Admiral Halsey's personal flag that followed him around on his Admiral Barge!


The following clip shows Admiral Halsey's Admiral Gig coming to the USS Missouri for the Surrender Ceremony.  Admiral Halsey gets off the Admiral's Gig and comes on board the USS Missouri.  The Admiral's Gig is then moved away from the USS Missouri.  At 4:38 of the video, you can see the Admiral's Flag being taken down from the front of the Admiral's Gig. Look closely; enlarge if necessary!  The flag above is this flag. Thank you to Mark Hinton (Military Uniforms) for this great find!

[embedplusvideo height=”388″ width=”640″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/v5MMVd5XOK8?fs=1&start=248″ vars=”ytid=v5MMVd5XOK8&width=640&height=388&start=248&stop=280&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2304″ /]

Flagmen of the USS Missouri Japanese Peace Treaty Signing


This picture is an autographed picture of the flagmen who were on board the USS Missouri during the Japanese Peace Treaty Signing.  My grandfather, Frank Orban, is bottom row second from right in white shirt. 

Frank Orban Transfer from USS Lousiville

USS Missouri Flagmen Transfer from USS Louisville

The following two documents prove that my grandfather Frank Orban was one of the flagmen on the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender and Peace Treaty signing on board the USS Missouri.  The last document titled "Report of Passengers" actually shows all the flagmen who were transferred onto the USS Missouri along side my grandfather Frank Orban from the USS Louisville.



USS Missouri News Flash Japan Surrenders

Japan Surrenders

Extra Japan Surrenders:

This document is extremely rare.  The only other original copy known to exist is on the USS Missouri in the museum. This document is dated August 15, 1945. 

Japan Surrenders

The USS Missouri News Flash


15 August 1945.

                                               On August 14th, 1945 President Truman announced to the people of the world that Japan had surrendered unconditionally.

                                               The announcement was made simultaneously in Washington, Moscow, London, and Chungking.

                                               The Text of the President statement is as follows:

                                               “I have received this afternoon a message from the Japanese Government in reply to the message forwarded to that Government by the Secretary of State on August 11, 1945.

                                               “I deem this reply an acceptance  of the Potsdam Declaration which specified the Unconditional Surrender of Japan.

                                               “Arrangements are now being made for the formal signing of the Treaty at the earliest possible moment.

                                               “General Douglas MacArthur has been appointed the Supreme Allied Commander to receive the Japanese Surrender.

                                               “Great Britain, Russia and China will be represented by high ranking officers.

                                               “Meantime the Allied Armed Forces must wait upon the formal signing of the surrender terms by Japan”.

                                                President Truman made this his formal announcement to a huge crowd of reporters who had been virtually living in the White House for days in anticpation of just such development.

                                                Japan’s message was delivered to Secretary of State Paynes by the Swiss Minister in the State Department office. Secretary Byrnes immediately left his office and walked to the Executive Office at the White House.

                                                Later President Truman dispatched through Secretary of State Byrnes an order for the Japanese Government to halt the war on all fronts.


                                                “All hands of the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard may take satisfaction in the conclusion of the war against Japan- and pride in the part played by them in accomplishing that result.

                                                 The demoblization of the Armed Forces of the United States and the return to conditions of peace will create problems taxing pride and control almost as great as the tensions of war.  I ask that the discipline which has served so well to bring this democracy through hours of great crisis be maintained to the end that nothing shall mar the record of accomplishments…”