Procedure of Assembling on Veranda Deck for Actual Ceremony

Procedure of Assembling on Veranda Deck for Actual Ceremony


USS Missouri Japan Surrender Ceremony Procedure on Veranda Deck

The following document details how the Japanese Surrender Ceremony was scheduled. 

8:30                         Officers in groups A, B, and C other than signatories will take places as set forth in annex able as indicated and thereafter in order of seniority as practicable.

8:45                         (Same as above)

08:55                       The Japanese Representatives who will be lying off the ship in their boat will be called alongside. On board, they will be conducted to places assigned as set forth in annex ABLE. If there is a delay, they will be conducted to the Executive Officer's Cabin to await call.

At S-Hour: The Supreme Commander and the Representatives for the Allied Powers will exit from Admiral's Cabin and take places assigned.

It is assimed that the signing of Articles of Surrender will proceed as soon as the Japanese Representatives are in their places.

It is further assumed that The Supreme Commander will address the assemblage and direct the proceedings immediately on assuming his position on veranda deck.

The order of signing will be as follows:

(1) For Japanese Empire

(2) For the  United States

(3) For the Republic of China

(4) For the United Kingdom

(5) For the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

(6) For the Commonwealth of Australia

(7) For the Dominion of Canada

(8) For the Republic of France

(9) For the Commonwealth of New Zealand

(10) For the United Kingdom of Netherlands

In the event of bad weather, a protective shield for documents will be provided.