staff and flag allowance

Staff and Flag Allowance Damage Control and Fire Bill

staff and flag allowance

This document is a memorandum from the USS Missouri during the Japanese Surrender 23 May 1945 and states:


United States Pacific Fleet

Third Fleet

23 May 1945


Subject:                          Staff and Flag Allowance Damage Control and Fire Bill


1.             In the event of damage or fire occuring in the vicinity of Staff personnel, report will immediately be made to Damage Control Central, Telephone 880 or 889.  Thereafter, STAFF OFFICERS will initiate appropriate emergency measures or assist ship personnel until arrival of Ship Repair or Fire Fighting Personnel who will then take charge. Staff Officers shall assist insofar as such assistance does not interfere with principle staff duties.

               In event of damage or fire in Flag Plot, Ship Repair or Fire Fighting Personnel will be guided by advice of Senior Staff Officer present in order that minimum disruption of Staff business may occur.

              STAFF ENLISTED PERSONNEL, except these in Flag Plot, will be considered as part of the ship's organization insofar as damage control and firefighting is  concerned.

              Enlisted Personnel in Flag Plot will conform to the orders of the Senior Staff Officer present.

2.           All staff personnel, officers and enlisted, will render all possible assistance to casualties consistent with continued performance of the principle Staff duties.

(Signed by Admiral Carney)

Robt. B. Carney,

    Chief of Staff    

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             CO, USS Missouri