USS Missouri News Flash Japan Surrenders

Extra Japan Surrenders:

This document is extremely rare.  The only other original copy known to exist is on the USS Missouri in the museum. This document is dated August 15, 1945. 

Japan Surrenders

The USS Missouri News Flash


15 August 1945.

                                               On August 14th, 1945 President Truman announced to the people of the world that Japan had surrendered unconditionally.

                                               The announcement was made simultaneously in Washington, Moscow, London, and Chungking.

                                               The Text of the President statement is as follows:

                                               “I have received this afternoon a message from the Japanese Government in reply to the message forwarded to that Government by the Secretary of State on August 11, 1945.

                                               “I deem this reply an acceptance  of the Potsdam Declaration which specified the Unconditional Surrender of Japan.

                                               “Arrangements are now being made for the formal signing of the Treaty at the earliest possible moment.

                                               “General Douglas MacArthur has been appointed the Supreme Allied Commander to receive the Japanese Surrender.

                                               “Great Britain, Russia and China will be represented by high ranking officers.

                                               “Meantime the Allied Armed Forces must wait upon the formal signing of the surrender terms by Japan”.

                                                President Truman made this his formal announcement to a huge crowd of reporters who had been virtually living in the White House for days in anticpation of just such development.

                                                Japan’s message was delivered to Secretary of State Paynes by the Swiss Minister in the State Department office. Secretary Byrnes immediately left his office and walked to the Executive Office at the White House.

                                                Later President Truman dispatched through Secretary of State Byrnes an order for the Japanese Government to halt the war on all fronts.


                                                “All hands of the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard may take satisfaction in the conclusion of the war against Japan- and pride in the part played by them in accomplishing that result.

                                                 The demoblization of the Armed Forces of the United States and the return to conditions of peace will create problems taxing pride and control almost as great as the tensions of war.  I ask that the discipline which has served so well to bring this democracy through hours of great crisis be maintained to the end that nothing shall mar the record of accomplishments…”