USS Missouri September 1945 Log Book

Enclosed is the official Log Book of the USS Missouri from 1945.  These files were compiled and made into a pdf document. The files came from the National Archives Catalog.  The reason why this pdf file was created was to provide further provenance of the items  displayed on this site.

Namely, on page 27-31, you will see how my grandfather, Coxswain Frank Orban; assigned to Admiral Halsey’s personal staff followed Admiral Halsey to the USS South Dakota on September 5, 1945 after serving on the USS Missouri for the Surrender Ceremony.  Furthermore, my grandfather, Coxswain Frank Orban was on the USS Louisville and was transferred to the USS Missouri in May, 1945 for the Surrender Ceremony scheduled on September 2, 1945 following Admiral Halsey. You can reference sub-header  8-12 on the following documents. 

Click Below to View Log Book of USS Missouri, September, 1945:

USS Missouri Log Book September 1945