Japanese Surrenders

Welcome to World War 2 Surrender

All documents, pictures, and World War II Japan Surrender Memorabilia including Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Flag are owned by my family.

The collection is currently on display on board the USS Missouri Memorial Museum!

The purpose of this site is to display my grandfather's World War II Japanese Surrender Memorabilia. The Japanese Surrender Ceremony aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945 was one of the most pinnacle moments in World History. My grandfather, Frank Orban, was the flag man aboard the USS Missouri and on Admiral Halsey's staff.  Frank Orban is listed under the World War II memorial database.

Some of the memorabilia I have showcased includes Admiral Halsey's 4 Star Admiral Flag, which lead Admiral Halsey to the Surrender Ceremony when the Japanese signed the surrender documents, original copies of the Japanese Surrender Ceremony on Board the USS Missouri, original photos taken on board the USS Missouri, and other significant items linked to the Japanese Surrender Ceremony.

My family owns over a hundred original pictures and original documents pertaining to the Surrender of Japan.  I will be posting the documents and pictures over time.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the World War II Surrender items I have.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to World War 2 Surrender

  1. While cleaning out my step-mothers house after her death I came across 4, 8×10 black n white photos of the signing of the Japanese Surrender Ceremony aboard the USS Missouri. These were sent to her from her brother, who I believe was in the Navy during World War II. I am trying to find out if they have any value. Any information you could provide is appreciated.

    Thank You

    1. I would have to see the pics you are referring to. Typically, the original pics from this time period as far as I know and what I own were not 8X10 size.

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