World War 2 Items Go Back to USS Missouri

Nearly 68 years ago, World War 2 officially ended when the Japanese signed the peace treaty (September 2, 1945). My family and I travelled this past week 08/06/2013 to the USS Missouri bringing a large collection of World War 2 Items to be put on display at the museum for the aniversary of the Peace Treaty Signing!

Our day started off taking a flight from Kona to Honolulu.  We flew the historic items from Las Vegas to Honolulu, Honolulu to Kona, and then Kona to Honolulu.  Getting through TSA with such a large and historic collection of artifacts, pictures, and documents was fun.  At times, going through security, we drew a large croud of TSA officials wanting to see the historic collection we were bringing to the USS Missouri.

Once in Honolulu, August 6, 2013, we rented a car at about 10:30 am and made our way to the USS Missouri Memorial to meet with Mike Weidenbach, curator of the USS Missouri.  After making a few wrong turns, we finally made it to the Mighty Mo!  The weather was perfect! We were greeted by Alvin Yoshitomi.  Alvin was spectacular; taking us on a private tour of the ship my grandfather loved.  We were given a very intimate look at the USS Missouri and taken to places the general public rarely get to see.  Alvin was like a walking time machine. He knew everything there was to know about the USS Missouri. Thank you Alvin for making our day so special!

My grandfather, Frank Orban, a member of Admiral Halsey’s staff who drove Admiral Halsey around on the Admiral’s gig had his ashes released into the water from the front of the USS Missouri in 2001.  We were allowed to have a private memorial ceremony where we dropped flowers into the water at the bow of the USS Missouri.  We could feel the spirit of all those that served on the USS Missouri including my grandfather permeating through our spirits during our ceremony.  I knew my grandfather was proud and at rest with his former crewmates.

Admiral Halsey’s 4 star flag, many documents and original black and white photos will be showcased from September 2, 2013 (aniversary of the peace treaty signing) until December 7, 2013.  The Nichols’ family is extremely proud and honored to have made the journey to honor the my granfather, the men and women who served our great country, and the USS Missouri!

Go see our display on board the USS Missouri!